• I-SEC Deutschland

    Specialist in Airport Security
  • I-SEC Deutschland

    Specialist in Airport Security

Airport Security

With over 20 years of worldwide experience in aviation security, I-SEC is your first line of defense when it comes to screening passengers, hand luggage and hold baggage. We provide skilled security...

Training Services

I-SECʼs approach to training goes beyond simply transferring knowledge from the instructor to participants. We use training as yet another tool that shapes the agents or supervisors role, attitude,...

Advisory Services

These services are based on over two decades of hands-on experience in global aviation security. They are designed to meet your specific needs and can be provided on a one-off or ongoing basis.


I-SEC supplies state-of-the-art technological solutions which ensure that your staff can perform on a professional, efficient and effective manner. Learn more about our technology solutions. I-SEC...


I-SEC Deutschland

Specialized in Airport Security Services

In Germany, we play a large part in securing Frankfurt, Köln/Bonn and Bremen airports. You will find our qualified security staff at the central checkpoints at these airports.

I-SEC Germany has been operating at Frankfurt Airport (§5 LuftSiG) since 2013 and at Köln/Bonn (§8 LuftSiG) and Bremen Airport (§5 LuftSiG) since 2022.