Meeting present and future challenges of our clients

Within the I-SEC in Germany, the management team ensures the adherence to our values and the high quality we strive for every day. Much of our management can look back on decades of experience in the aviation security industry.

Since July 2020, Glenn Murphy is the Managing Director of the I-SEC German Holdings B.V. The Holdings B.V. is committed to supporting the group in Germany and to define and implement their respective strategic direction. Glenn is also a member of the board of directors of I-SEC Deutsche Luftsicherheit SE & Co. KG.

Glenn has held numerous leadership positions for Airlines, airport operators and various government agencies in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London. On a wide scale level, various operational start-ups in Thailand, Portugal, Albania, Switzerland and Austria accompanied his professional achievements. In addition to his responsibilities, Glenn consults various non-European airports on the issues of implementation and compliance with the EU legislation.