Meeting present and future challenges of our clients

Within the I-SEC in Germany, the management team ensures the adherence to our values and the high quality we strive for every day. Much of our management can look back on decades of experience in the aviation security industry.

Since January 2013, Glenn Murphy is the Managing Director of the German I-SEC companies. In the recent 24 years of his activities Mr. Murphy took over a leading role in the aviation security sector in Germany and other European countries.

He took numerous leadership positions for Airlines, airport operators and various government agencies in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London. Various operational start-ups in Thailand, Portugal, Albania, Switzerland and Austria accompanied his professional achievements. In addition to his responsibilities, Glenn consulted various non-European airports on the issues of implementation and compliance with the EU legislation.


Since July 2013 Zafrir On has been the Director of Operations I-SEC German Aviation Security GmbH. Zafrir benefits from over 30 years of professional experience and extensive knowledge of the aviation security industry.

As Station Manager, Zafrir managed over 17 years private aviation security service companies at airports of Amsterdam and Hamburg. As the former Regional Manager of Northern Germany with responsibility for Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover subsidiaries, Zafrir was also responsible for the middle management enrichment scheme. Since the founding of the Deutsche Luftsicherheit GmbH in 2013, Zafrir controlled the professional and operational activities.

Mr. George Reaves joined I-SEC Deutsche Luftsicherheit SE & Co. KG as Director HRin November 2018. In this position, he is responsible for the strategic HR work of I-SEC, the cooperation with the works councils and is the contact person for all HR-related activities.

He has many years of experience as a human resources manager for a well-known industrial service provider. Here too, his focus was on personnel / process organization and management development. His strong leadership experience and professional versatility help him to achieve the company's goals.

Since October 2014, Iris Seewaldt has been working as a lawyer in the legal department of I-SEC Deutsche Luftsicherheit SE & Co. KG. In this position, she is responsible for judicial and extra-judicial representation in labor law matters as well as for legal advice to the management and executives.

She specialized in labor law and gained many years of experience in legal advice and legal representation of various global companies and associations.

Klaus Dollinger began his career in aviation security in 2000 and has actively supervised and supported new stations with implementing operational structures and controlling. As part of numerous international assignments with the aviation security arena, Klaus managed the start-up phases and the subsequently managed the operational staff thereafter.

In 2016, Klaus began training as a specialist for occupational safety at the employers’ liability insurance association. In addition, Klaus also oversees the ISO quality management system on a group level.